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Aloha... I'm Teri... What's my show about?
Well, I realized and so does everyone else that knows me… I talk a lot... so, why not put it to good use... why not TRY to make things better, if you can? So I base my show that way. Naturally. Whatever comes out of my mouth. What ever people email me about, or what I perceive for me to be important, then maybe you might feel the same way, who knows.

This weeks show:
The decades-old footage of a full-grown lion joyously embracing two young men like an affectionate house cat has made myriad eyes misty since it recently landed on YouTube. What is it about the old, grainy images that has attracted millions of clicks around the globe?

Local Issues, National Issues - Bring it on! Bring on the Controversy, I'm ready for it.
I HATE Boats and those Cruise Liners dumping their waste in our Oceans. That's right - IN OUR OCEAN WATERS!!!! 3 miles from where you and I swim. So make sure you ask your tour Boats. "Do You PUMP or DUMP!" Very Important Issue with me! They DON'T HAVE TO DO IT!!!
Affordable Housing on Maui. Yeah right… hopefully when we get a new Council voted in that MIGHT happen.

Video from the Seal Defense Campaign 2008
Angry fisherman attack the Farley Mowat
while berthed in
the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon

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Disasters and the Pets behind Law. Well Thank God Our Gov. Lingle had the Brains to sign that one. My cockatoo Kaimana & deaf cat I would have had to say, sorry honeys and signed to the cat fend for yourself... NOT!!!! and we are still short shelter for 40,000 people on this Island.
Senior Care, Health Care, price of Drugsand... and... and....
  MOST Of ALL...



The Red Lobster Restaurants and Olive Garden Restaurants buy their seafood from Canada! Please Help Me support this Cause!!! Go to www.harpseals.org I will be soon be starting a trust fund to try and relocate some of the seals into a new country to start a new pod. Hopefully and only then Canada's fisherman - on their days off mind you, and just for their fur, not for food, I might add - will stop clubbing and skinning these poor babies alive!

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I've had interesting guests on from Congressman Ed Case to American Idol's Jasmine Trias - to Local Musician Teri Garrison. And even Famed Author of "He's Just Not That IntoYou" and former writer of Sex in the City Greg Behrendt, and many many more.
Maybe YOU can be my next guest. Call ME!
What's the UPSide?
  My show is informative, funny, and sometimes, I have incentives going on for people to do something for me. So there you have it... This is the Show!

My saying is. There's Always an UPside to all this madness out there, isn't there? I hope so…

Again Tune in every Friday 12 P.M. until 1 P.M.

“On The UPside With Teri"
It's on KNUI 900 AM on your dial.
Talk Radio and it's a call in show -
The Talk of Maui
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